you can be a hotelier

from only £2000

We are a crowd-with-us organization, looking forward to a mutually profitable partnership with you as our co-hotelier. You simply lease a room at any one of our properties at a very low rate, and we manage it for you, helping you earn you a passive daily, weekly and monthly income of up to £7000 per year.

About Us

Our Beliefs

We believe in a world where every one has the opportunity of having their money work for them.

The usual trend is to lend your savings to a high street bank in return for low interest, only to borrow it back in loans and mortgages at higher rates. It is quite obvious that the return on the investment here is virtually negligible.

In our experience, investment in assets like property is very low risk, whilst having great potential for much higher profits than any bank can hope to offer in interest.

Our mission is to further empower you as an entrepreneur, even as you are passively running a hotel business that we are managing on your behalf.

We believe in smart fund allocation, running to high standards but at minimal costs, enabling us to help earn you more profit to reinvest in further properties.

How it works

save £2000 in bank

earn only £28 per year interest at 1.4% APR

INVEST £2000 in hotel

profit £7300 per year assuming guests pay only £20 per night over 365 days

Your £5.50 per night hotel room investment goes towards maintaining and promoting the room over the year. It also affords you the opportunity of occupying that room as a holiday home for up to three months in a year.


What People Say

I have a fully serviced holiday home, and because I own it, at least for that year, I make money from renting it out on AirBnB for 11 months of the year! The best part is I don’t have to do any cleaning myself. The hotel managers do all the hard work.

Jane Daura

No bank can ever offer me 5% interest on my savings these days. With this hotel-for-hire investment, I am making over 300% profit on my investment. Plus a hotel room when I need one!

Chuks Abubakhar

To reserve a room, simply fill in the short form below, and a unit will be allocated to you immediately after payment.


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Apply now, get 12,000 free AirMiles enough for a trip from London with First Class Lounge facilities.

The property is being constructed in the developing Lekki Free Trade Zone (LFTZ) area of Ibeju-Lekki in Lagos, Nigeria, close to the Dangote Refinery.  Other landmarks in this area include La Campagne Tropicana, Pan African University, Lekki Beach Golf Course, Awolowo Institute, Lekki Seaport and the proposed Lekki International Airport.